– Testimonials –

“The O’Rourke scholarship deserves its success, not least because the winners are so impressive in accomplishment and promise. I’m glad to be a little part of supporting something so well conceived and tastefully promoted.”

LF – English professor emeritus


“I support the Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship in memory of an abiding friend and lover of the English language and literature.”
– G.M.


“Paddy was a great supporter of the arts in Saskatoon. We are pleased to contribute to the next generation.”
– T. & M. G.


“Without Paddy’s dedication and commitment as a teacher and publisher, Canadian writing would be diminished. How can one thank someone who has given so much?

P. & Y. C. (author & artist)


“As  I write this tribute, I can hear Paddy exuberating at our table in the Granary. I hope  I will keep on hearing him for the rest of my life.”

                                                    R.C. (author)


“A man with a generous heart – Paddy was always encourging me. His love of words and music he so willingly shared.

                                   W.N. (poet and former student)


“He was a friend, as well as my publisher, and he will be profoundly missed.

                                                  S.L. (author)


“I’ll never forget when my first book came out and I arrived at a teachers’ conference in Saskatoon. Paddy lifted me off my feet and swung me around, as excited as I was at this beginning of my writing life.

                                                       L.C. (poet)


“Paddy was a marvellous teacher. He truly loved literature and language, and was able to inspire students with his enthusiasm.

J.M. (former teaching colleague)


“Paddy was such a generous mentor to me. He had an enormous impact ont he whole trajectory of my life and the central place that writing continues to hold in it.”

K.S. (author)


“For the first time Paddy has diminished my life – by leaving it too soon.

R.C. (author)