– The Process –

– 1 –
An announcement and poster design  will be sent to all provincial school divisions and library regions. Our thanks to the schools, teachers, libraries and Minister of Education for their assistance.


– 2 –
Applications will be accepted from April 1 to April 30 of each year.  Applications must be submitted by mail, courier or dropped off at 1126 2nd Street East, Saskatoon. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 


– 3 –
Accepted submissions will undergo an initial screening process.  Each page of poetry is marked with the entrant’s initials and page number. All other information – including the applicants’ names, addresses and covering letters – is withheld until after the winner has been selected. In other words, only the poetry is considered by the judges.


– 4 –
The winner will be notified in June. 


– 5 –
Only the winner will be announced. All other entries will be destroyed – so please retain a complete copy of your submission including your poetry.


– 6 –
We regret that, due to the number of entries, we might not provide a follow-up letter after judging to every applicant, although this may occur.


In the event that no application is deemed worthy of an award, no winner will be announced for that year.


Please submit your entry to:

Paddy O’Rourke Poetry Scholarship
c/o  Ray Penner
1126 2nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK  S7H 1R5
Ph: (306) 241-7079