Henry at her school’s awards ceremony, June 5, 2019

Our 2019 Recipient: Henry Ang Ri Lee

Henry graduated from Ecole St. Mary High School in Prince Albert in June 2019, and is now at McGill University, majoring in nutritional science. Her goal is to become an orthodontist.

By the way, she legally added  “Henry” to her name, because that is what she has always been called. Her father named her “Ang Ri”, which is the Korean version of the French “Henri”, because he was told that giving his daughter a male name would make her stronger.

When notified that she had won, Henry replied, “This was the first writing award I have ever won. I have never believed in my writing skills enough to be an active member of the writing community. However, I think this award has given me the courage to put myself out there and share my creativity with others in the future.”

One judge commented on how Henry “had a better grasp of what a poem is, and demonstrated a remarkable understanding of language for a young writer.” Her submission of poems showed emotional maturity, were more outward looking, and addressed a variety of topics.  The Zipper is, in one judge’s words, “What poetry is all about. Good poets allow space in poems for intuitive leaps. The reader’s imagination has to follow the poet.”

The Zipper

I laughed with him

in the ride that spun in circles


is that what life is about?

being happy but knowing that the sadness is always there.